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Tattoo Removal Specialist

Cosmetic Med Solutions

Medical Aesthetics located in Escondido, CA

Are you ready to say goodbye to an old or poorly inked tattoo? At Cosmetic Med Solutions in Escondido, California, Thomas Watson, MD, offers tattoo removal using the enlighten® system from Cutera®. To learn more about how laser tattoo removal works and what the process can do for your skin, schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a time that fits your schedule, or you’re always welcome to call to check availability.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

Why are some tattoos more difficult to remove than others?

Tattoos are created using a mechanized needle that creates tiny punctures in your skin. Colored ink is injected through those punctures into the dermal layer of your skin. Your body responds to that intrusion by sending white blood cells to the site, but the ink particles are too large for white blood cells to absorb and dispose of.

Laser tattoo removal uses concentrated beams of light to break apart ink particles, making them small enough for your body to process and eliminate. Certain tattoos are more resistant to these efforts than others.

These factors can make laser tattoo removal challenging:

  • Large tattoos
  • Old tattoos
  • White, orange, red, or yellow ink
  • Tattoos in areas with limited blood supply, like hands, feet, and lower legs
  • Tattoos on very light skin
  • Layered tattoos
  • High density of ink

Fortunately, there are methods that can remove even challenging tattoos.




How does laser tattoo removal work?

At Cosmetic Med Solutions, tattoo removal is performed using the enlighten® laser system. The laser delivers two different pulse durations, one long and one short. That allows for effective removal of varying pigment density. Larger particles of ink are broken down quickly with longer pulse durations, while shorter pulse durations eliminate smaller ink particles.

The system also uses multiple wavelengths that target different ink colors. Enlighten is among the first laser platforms to deliver 670 nm wavelength, which effectively shatters green and blue ink.

Finally, the enlighten system generates targeted heat at incredible speeds, outpacing other lasers by as many as 1,000 times. That means better results with fewer treatments, all with a lower risk of damage to surrounding tissues.


Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Most men and women do not report significant discomfort during laser tattoo removal. In fact, most say the process is far less painful than having a new tattoo inked.

The enlighten system delivers powerful results without creating excess heat in the nearby tissue. You may experience a warming sensation and tingling during sessions, but the experience is not painful. If you have extremely sensitive skin, speak with Dr. Watson about using a topical numbing cream or ointment before your sessions.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Watson estimates how many treatments you’ll need to completely remove your tattoo.

When you’re ready to begin, book an appointment online or by phone.